What the recent Twitter changes mean for your marketing strategy

What the recent Twitter changes mean for your marketing strategy

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2015 is the year of change on Twitter. Twitter already started rolling out some of the changes we were expecting this year, offering some interesting new options for businesses to reach out to new audiences and curate content. Let’s take a look at some of these changes, what they could mean for your brand and how they could influence your social media marketing approach.

More opportunities to maximize reach

A few days ago, Twitter announced it is experimenting with delivering custom timelines and promoted tweets outside its platform, partnering up with mobile news app Flipboard and Yahoo Japan. This means that marketers are able to expand the reach of their Twitter campaigns outside Twitter itself and reach audiences they could not reach before.

Twitter also started experimenting with a timeline that will be shown to users who browse Twitter but are logged out. This curated timeline is likely to contain promoted tweets as well, which means an extra outlet for brands and advertisers to appeal to new audiences, thus extending their reach beyond the regular, busy timeline.

Real-time marketing will make a difference

Twitter’s partnership with Google will allow tweets to show up in search results as soon as they are posted giving real-time marketing a new meaning. This means that people do not necessarily need to follow a brand to get notified of a promotion, for example. Exposure for brands that engage on Twitter is also expected to grow bigger especially during events such as the Super Bowl, the World Cup or the Oscars that are traditionally big opportunities for real-time marketing.

Good content won’t go unnoticed

Twitter’s new recap feature promises that good content won’t go unnoticed. In fact, your most dedicated users will be able to see tweets they might have missed while they were inactive on Twitter. check domain availability This possibility in a way extends the lifetime of your tweets, and maximizes exposure of your content.

Stronger relationships and better service

At the end of January, Twitter starting rolling out group Direct Messages that allow you to chat with up to 20 people without necessarily following each other. This can be great news for brands that offer customer support via Twitter as they can easily offer a solution to their users in private, but it also offers new opportunities for reaching out to fans, brand advocates or influencers privately, when necessary.

Promoting tweets becomes faster

Twitter’s “Quick to Promote” options is especially designed for small and medium businesses that need to give their successful tweets an extra push. Similar to Facebook’s post boosting, brands can now choose a tweet that has already been posted on their timeline and promote it via their Twitter dashboard.

Native video changes storytelling for brands

The popularity of video as a social media marketing tactic has been steadily increasing and now Twitter is the one to put video front and center on users’ timelines. Native video provides brands with an extra tool to tell their story with rich content, become creative with their marketing and even more direct when reaching out to their target audience.

Now over to you! Do you think these recent changes will eventually help brands on Twitter? Leave us a comment right below and let us know.

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